Catholic Approach to EOL Forms

EOL forms PyramidSince 1991, federal law has mandated that all patients admitted to a healthcare facility be asked about their advance directives. Today, primary care doctors are paid to have these discussions, and countless programs on how to have these discussions have sprung up.

Elders are increasingly being confronted with these end of life forms without receiving proper guidance regarding their impact on medical and spiritual care.  Catholics approach these differently of our views on inherent human dignity, redemptive suffering, ordinary v. extraordinary care, and the central importance of the sacraments.

Kris Correira, PA-C, MHP, is a physician assistant with 25 years of experience working in emergency medicine and family practice.  She is a bioethicist certified through the National Catholic Bioethics Center and is working on a master’s degree in theology with a concentration in bioethics through Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  She routinely has these conversations with patients.  She understands the medical, bioethical, and Catholic considerations when faced with these decisions.

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This is critical information for Catholics.  We encourage every parish to regularly offer this program to their parishioners.  Contact Kris to schedule.