End of Life Forms

Medical care now involves three different end-of-life forms. While seemingly simple, they have a big impact on the type of medical care you receive. None of them should be filled out without a thorough understanding of what you are signing away when you complete any of these forms.

This is critical information for Catholics.  We encourage every parish to regularly offer this program to their parishioners.

Download the MCC Roman Catholic Health Care Proxy

Recommended for everyone 18 years of age or older.

Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment ~ MOLST

This is a medical order that should only be used for people with less than six months life expectancy but it is being used for routine health care planning instead.

People need to be especially careful when admitted to the hospital, rehab, or diagnosed with a serious illness.

Do not sign your medical decision-making away (Diocese of Worcester)

NCBC Guide to Completing the POLST Form (National Catholic Bioethics Center)

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