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Why Prescribed Suicide is Bad, Again

On September 7, New York’s highest court unanimously ruled against assisted suicide.  They wrote, “At present, the Legislature of this State has permissibly concluded that an absolute ban on assisted suicide is the most reliable, effective, and administrable means of protecting against its dangers.” …

The Slippery Slope-Tactics in the Assisted Suicide Movement

Originally posted on nancyvalko:
I first saw this tactic  in the mid-1980s when Missouri was considering a “living will” law to allow a person to refuse “death prolonging procedures” if a person became terminally ill and unable to speak for himself or herself.  Some…

AMA 2016 Code of Ethics

Although the AMA remains against active killing, it very much encourages passive dying. Of eight sections, three are dedicated to insisting that patients be left to die, sometimes even when they don’t want to. Read more: