Category: Assisted Suicide

Leith and Suffering

Locked In Syndrome is a condition in which a person is able to think, see and feel but cannot eat, talk or move any muscles except his or her eyes. Darren Leith suffered a brain stem stroke in 2017 leaving him in this condition….

Witness For Life Radio Series

Witness For Life and Emmanuel Radio have produced the first in a series of radio programs called simply Witness For Life. A new program will be developed each month and aired throughout the month. You can hear it Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8…

Harvard Humanists and Catholic Teaching

One pleasant surprise at the Harvard Medical School annual bioethics conference, this year on prescribed suicide, was the discussion between doctors Lachlann Forrow and Tim Quill. Originally this segment was supposed to have Diane Meier, a Hemlock Society member from way back; instead, Forrow…