Falsifying Health Records

In December, the New York Times reported on the widespread starvation of children in Venezuela due to its economic collapse. The government's response: falsify the records. "Doctors are censored in hospitals, too, often warned not to include malnutrition in children’s medical records. “In some public hospitals, the clinical diagnosis of malnutrition has been prohibited,” Dr. … Continue reading Falsifying Health Records

Mass Medical Society PAS Survey Results

In September, The Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) surveyed its 22,500 members regarding physician assisted suicide (PAS).  They say that because of that survey, the MMS decided to “rescinded its longstanding opposition to physician assisted suicide,” and to adopt a position of “neutral engagement.”  But is that consistent with the survey results? The survey itself had … Continue reading Mass Medical Society PAS Survey Results

The Slippery Slope-Tactics in the Assisted Suicide Movement

Even as the euthanasia “slippery slope” is denied, advocates are greasing the track.


I first saw this tactic  in the mid-1980s when Missouri was considering a “living will” law to allow a person to refuse “death prolonging procedures” if a person became terminally ill and unable to speak for himself or herself.  Some of us warned about a broader agenda, citing court cases involving feeding tubes and seriously brain-injured but non-terminally ill patients like Paul Brophy and Claire Conroy in New Jersey and Massachusetts. In  response, “right to die” activists (as they were known then) added the ”safeguard” of not allowing the withholding of food and water to the Missouri law  and the bill was passed.

Not surprisingly, Missouri soon faced the Nancy Cruzan case  involving the withdrawal of a feeding tube from a non-terminally ill young woman in a so-called “persistent vegetative state”.  Soon after that,  a Missouri Designated Health Care Decision Maker Act was passed that would allow a…

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