AMA Remains Opposed to Assisted Suicide

Massachusetts Medical Society Survey Results Physician-assisted suicide is "fundamentally incompatible with the physician's role as healer."  That is the position the AMA still holds despite the rather dramatic pleas from those seeking a position of "engaged neutrality" - a clever but meaningless phrase.  Compassion and Choices wrote the playbook for physicians to flip their societies' positions. … Continue reading AMA Remains Opposed to Assisted Suicide

Falsifying Health Records

In December, the New York Times reported on the widespread starvation of children in Venezuela due to its economic collapse. The government's response: falsify the records. "Doctors are censored in hospitals, too, often warned not to include malnutrition in children’s medical records. “In some public hospitals, the clinical diagnosis of malnutrition has been prohibited,” Dr. … Continue reading Falsifying Health Records