Bills have again been introduced in 2017 attempting to legalize assisted suicide.  House bill H.1194 and senate bill S.1225 (identical wording) have both been referred to the Joint Committee on Public Health.  View the pdf of the bills to see if your legislators are co-sponsors.

Let your legislators know you are against physician assisted suicide!




In late October, two physicians filed a lawsuit to decriminalize assisted suicide.  Dr. Roger Kligler has stage IV prostate cancer and Dr. Alan Steinbach wants to be able to prescribe a lethal dose of medication.  Both doctors have long been advocates of assisted suicide and they are supported in their legal efforts by Compassion and Choices.

Read the Catholic Free Press editorial regarding this issue.

The case has now been heard, but no decision made; likely it will get sent to a higher court.  Read the Boston Globe article about it.  Note how treatment has greatly reduced Dr. Kligler’s cancer such that he likely is no longer terminal.