The Banners Are Back!

The Witness for Life banners are on display again in front of Christ the King parish on Pleasant Street in Worcester. Besides being the parish center for Witness for Life, the church is in Representative John Mahoney’s district. He is the co-chair of the Joint Committee on Public Health that will decide if the PAS bill will go before the entire legislature for legalization.

I will be sending him a picture and inviting him to take a ride by to see them.

If your parish is in the district of one of the committee members, contact WFL to get a banner in front of your church and send a picture to your state legislator. The five members from central MA are:

  • Sen. Joanne Comerford (chair) – Royalston
  • Rep. John Mahoney (chair) – 13th Worcester
  • Rep. Mary Keefe – 15th Worcester
  • Rep. Hanna Kane – Shrewsbury, Westborough SW
  • Rep. Michael Soter – Uxbridge, Millville, Blackstone (+ Bellingham)

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