Witness For Life Radio Series

Witness For Life and Emmanuel Radio have produced the first in a series of radio programs called simply Witness For Life.

A new program will be developed each month and aired throughout the month. You can hear it Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8 pm and Saturdays at 7 am and 6 pm. The first program features WFL co-chairs Roger Dubuque and Kris Correira discussing what WFL is and what we do.

Future programs will focus on different topics that relate to the problems of assisted suicide including fear and suffering, autonomy and dignity, the Catholic idea of a happy death, how to impact the legislative process, palliative care, what is wrong with the assisted suicide bill, and more.

Click here for instructions to listen to the podcasts on-demand.

We will need some help funding these programs. If you can help, please contact us!

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