Where Do Worcester County State Legislators Stand on PAS?

Massachusetts now has both a House (H.1926) and a Senate (S.1208) version of the PAS bill. Where do the Worcester County state legislators stand on this issue at this point?

I have created both maps and lists of the Worcester County state legislators and labeled them as Opposed to, Undecided on, or Co-sponsors of the PAS bills. This information comes from the co-sponsor list on the bills themselves (H1926 has the more complete list that includes both senators and representatives) and from the latest MCFL Legislator Positions page.

Worcester County State Senators

Of the seven senators, two are opposed, one is undecided, and four are co-sponsors. 

One is the chair of the Joint Committee on  Public Health.

Worcester County State Representatives

Of the 24 representatives, 10 are opposed, 9 are undecided, and 5 are co-sponsors.

One is the chair and three others are members of the Joint Committee on Public Health.

Be sure to express your opposition to those who are undecided! Thank those who oppose PAS and let co-sponsors know you do not agree with their position.

If you live in a town with more than one senator (Northbridge and Northborough) or more than one representative (Charlton, Lunenburg, Northborough, Oxford, Spencer, Sterling, Westborough, Westminster, and Worcester) you can use the Find My Legislator tool on the Massachusetts Legislature website.

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