Assisted Suicide is now ILLEGAL in CA

DignityCalifornia legislators legalized assisted suicide in the summer of 2015 during an extraordinary session limited to healthcare finance.  Gov. Brown outlined the scope of that session; assisted suicide was not listed.  He signed the legislation into law.

In 2016, on the day the law went into effect, the Life Legal Defense Foundation, American Academy of Medical Ethics, and several physicians sued the state.  On May 15th, Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Ottolia agreed and struck down the law, giving state Attorney General Xavier Becerra five days to appeal the decision.

Becerra appealed to the 4th District Court on May 21st asking for a stay–something that would allow assisted suicide to continue during the appeals process.  On May 23, a three-judge panel refused to grant the stay.

That makes assisted suicide is currently illegal in California. The vulnerable are protected again for now.

Compassion and Choices sent out a press release on Friday falsely declaring that the law was still in effect, deadly fake news reported by the Associated Press and showing up in places like the New York Times.

We pray the practice will never become legal again.  This demonstrates how those in support of assisted suicide have to resort to manipulation and “special” processes to force this on the culture.  That is what happened with the Massachusetts Medical Society earlier this year.

Let us pray and be vigilent for such things that may well happen here in Massachusetts.