Call to Oppose Legalization of PAS!

hands-699486_1920From Sandra Kucharski:

The Joint Committee on Public Health must act on H 1991 by June 30, the bill that would allow physician assisted suicide in Massachusetts. They can choose to do nothing and the bill would die in committee. They can choose to send the bill to the floor for a vote. They can extend the deadline for action to July 30.  The proposed bill would force doctors to act in ways against their faith tradition that respects life, as well as placing poor and vulnerable elderly people at risk.

I am asking each of you to call both Sen. Jason Lewis at 1-617-722-1206 and Rep. Kate Hogan at 1-617-722-2130 Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – June 27, 28, 29 – and say:

        My name is _______ and I am from ________ and I am asking that (Senator Lewis) (Kate Hogan) vote NO on H 1991, “An act affirming a terminally ill patient’s right to compassionate aid in dying.” I am opposed to doctor prescribed suicide.”

Please mark your calendar now so you do not forget to take action next week. I also ask that you please help spread this message on social media, through email, by phone, personal contact and in your church or community group. We must defend life and not allow this bill to become law.  I hope I can count on your support.

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