Witness for Life Huddle May 20th


An Invitation to

Pro-life Leaders and Advocates

on End-of-Life Issues

Friday, May 20th

7:00 to 8:30 pm

The Johnson Room at Christ the King parish

1052 Pleasant Street, Worcester

  • Get connected with the work of the Witness for Life committee
  • Learn the end-of-life issues of concern for pro-life advocates
    • Physician-assisted suicide
    • Advance directives
    • Euthanasia
  • Find out about getting programs in your parish
  • Network with other parish pro-life leaders
  • Expand your pro-life community to people interested in these issues


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2 thoughts on “Witness for Life Huddle May 20th

  1. Sandra Kucharski April 19, 2016 — 10:10 pm

    Nice, but too bad you are still calling it Death with Real Dignity. It is rather confusing Death with Real Dignity and Witness for Life.


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